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Responsive Design

Get a website that runs smoothly and well-optimised on all screens and devices including your smartphones, laptops and tablets.


Frozen Glass™

Frozen Glass™ effect beautifies your website by enabling the glass theme combined with the desired transparency and modernises the selected elements on your website with the appearance of a frozen glass.


Parallax brings your website a magical illusion of time and space difference in between the different layers of your website while scrolling through the webpage.

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Showcase your products with

Introduce your products to your customers with the best-in-class storytelling magic of flowUI. The flowUI, by, powers up your product’s landing page with smooth animations, seamless transitions, scroll and pointer oriented motion graphics, and spectacular visual effects.

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Increase the staying time of your visitor on your landing page with the interactive web design of flowUI. The flowUI defines the architecture of your website in a creative, beautiful and interactive way by positively impacting the user’s interest to scroll through your content all the way up to bottom resulting in a significantly better retention rate and conversion probability than normal web pages.

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The flowUI has enormous use-cases and can be utilised in wide range of applications. flowUI unlocks the potential of your product by telling its story in a creative and smooth manner with decorations, transitions and animations which helps you, as a business, to attract your client and make him or her stay on your product/service page for a longer duration. 

Here are some of the most suitable example use-cases for flowUI.

Compatible with all modern browsers.

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